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Vic's Picks of the Day!

2 May
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Hi, my name is Victoria and I have an interesting background that I'm sure you all will want to hear. When I was but a wee lad, I was picked up by a motorcyclist that had a severe case of "monkey butt" (he even had the newly marketed product, Monkey Butt Powder") So, he put me in his pink little basket and I got to play with the horn. I lived with my monkey like motorcyclist and I realized that hey, this guy has a lot of monkeys for pets. So I grew up hanging from trees and throwing my poop at the random passerby. One of my victims was my dear friend Jackie who is still in therapy. Now, while I am still recovering from my supposed illness, I still have problems with minor chaffing after a long week's ride with my dude. I give you this warning to heed. When walking in a forest, park, jungle, lagoon, etc beware of the trees for I may be in one of them. Armed and waiting.